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  • Kindly provide us with the patient’s personal information, symptoms, exam results from the patient’s local doctor, and the list of exams the patient looks for..

    Based on the information the patient provides, an estimated quotation can be available. The date, time, and flight details are required as well.

    A pick-up service is available with an interpreter accompanying.

    The patient can select their preferred type of stay between a ward for international patients and other accomodations in the vicinity at their own expense.
  • 01 Introduction
    • Since established in 1982, Bucheon Sejong Hospital has been recognized as the foremost cardiology specialist in Korea. As a general hospital, we have been commited to serving more than 400,000 patients a year over 42 years.

      Since the 1980s, acknowledged seven times by the Ministry of Health and Welfare as a medical institution specializing in heart disease, we have achieved several important milestones including the first open-heart surgery as a private medical institutions and the third heart transplant procedure as a medical institution in Korea.

      In 2011, 2015, 2018, and 2021, we were exclusivey designated as the only one cardiology hospital in Korea. We were also accredited from JCI (Joint Commission International), an international medical institution evaluation, for three consecutive times. Moreover, in 2019, we became the first in Korea to obtain certification for cardiology clinics under the Clinical Care Program (CCP).

      Carrying out around 1,000 pediatric and cardiac surgeries per year, we have firmly established our excellence in the field of cardiology..
    • Overseas Expansion

      We have been involved in various activities such as medical training, patient outreach, international seminars, master classes, and other services via base centers and partner hospitals in primary countries, including the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) and Mongolia.
  • 02 Major Procedure
    • Name of Procedure

      A heart specialist officially designated by the Ministry of Health and Welfare
    • Outcome Data

      Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery
      Data Bucheon Sejong Hospital
      No.of cases (5 Year) 898 cases
      Success Rate 98.0%
      Survival Rate 97.04%
      Death Rate 2.06%
      Days of Hospital Stay 15.7Days
      Rate of Complications 3.7%
    • Heart Valve Surgery
      Data Bucheon Sejong Hospital
      No.of cases (5 Year) 1,176 cases
      Success Rate 98.0%
      Survival Rate 97.04%
      Death Rate 5.61%
      Days of Hospital Stay 13.9Days
      Rate of Complications 4.8%
    • Heart Transplant Surgery
      Data Bucheon Sejong Hospital
      No.of cases (5 Year) 12 cases
      Success Rate 94.1%
      Survival Rate 85.3%
      Death Rate 8.80%
      Days of Hospital Stay 62.1 Days
      Rate of Complications 5.2%
    • Percutaneous Coronary Intervention
      Data Bucheon Sejong Hospital
      No.of cases (5 Year) 5,365 cases
      Success Rate 97.9%
      Survival Rate 100.0%
      Death Rate 0.00%
      Days of Hospital Stay 3 Days
      Rate of Complications 0.0%

    • - We offer a comprehensive range of surgeries and procedures related to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. As the sole heart hospital designated by the Ministry of Health and Welfare in Korea, we are dedicated to providing best treatments to heart disease patients around the world.

      - In Korea, we hold the most extensive experience in the cumulative number of surgeries and procedures outperforming university hospitals and tertiary general hospitals. As a teaching hospital, we actively train specialists in the fields of cardiology, cardiovascular, and thoracic surgery.
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    • Honors & Recognition

      Year Details
      2013~2023 Hosted the Asia-Pacific Cardiovascular Intervention and Surgery Symposium (APCIS) each year
      2019~2023 Acknowledged as one of the top 100 hospitals in Korea, specifically leading in the private general hospital category - the U.S. Newsweek Hospital Evaluation
      2019 Certified as a heart disease clinic under Clinical Care Program (CCP) for the first time in Korea
  • Major Departments
    • Cardiology (including arrhythmia)
    • Pediatric Cardiology
    • Surgery
  • Major Procedures
    • Coronary Angiography
    • Ventricular Septal Sefect surgery (VSD), Atrial Septal Defect surgery (ASD),
      Patent Ductus Arteriosus surgery (PDA)
    • Thyroid cancer, Breast cancer surgery
  • General Information
    28, Hohyeon-ro 489beon-gil, Sosa-gu, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do
    20, Gyeyangmunhwa-ro, Gyeyang-gu, Incheon
    Website or SNS
    Number of Doctors
    Number of Beds
    International Healthcare Center
    Airport ↔ Hospital, Hotel ↔ Hospital
    Direct-Billing Service
    • Cigna
    • Euro assistant
    Other Services
    Issuing documents in English, Caregiver service for international patients, Airport emergency service, Tour service in Korea including accomodation
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