Korea is one of the top countries in Cancer Treatment which includes performing the most complex operations and researching cancer studies constantly Thanks to the tremendous national efforts to eradicate cancer, the overall 5-year survival rate for cancer patients treated in Korea has been steadily increasing and was up to 64.1% most recently. Comparing to other medically-advanced countries in the world, clinical outcomes of cancer patients in Korea are better Medical services provided at Korean hospitals are now competing with the world's best hospitals in all aspects including healthcare systems, facilities as well as treatment techniques.

Trends in the 5-year relative rates during 1993-2011 in korea

* Cancer Res Treat. 2013 Mar; 45(1) 1-14. The Korean Cancer Association


Korea provides a high-quality medical services by utilizing state-of-the-art equipments for cancer treatment in order to promote trust in the treatment and
improve the quality of life with the objective of "living a normal life during precision cancer treatment with minimum side effects“.

medical technology
  • 1. Proton Thrapy

    The protons from radiation selectively attack cancer cells to minimize normal-tissue damage and
    harmful side effects. This novel therapy is only available at Korea's National Cancer Center as well as 28
    other hospitals in the world. Moreover, the number of international cancer patients travelling to Korea
    has been increasing since the treatment fees in Korea are as low as one-fifth of those in USA.

    Proton Thrapy
  • Cyberknife

    2. Cyberknife

    The most advanced medical device selectively tracks and removes cancerous tissues without
    surgical operation, taking organ movement and breathing of the patient into consideration.
    The cost of this treatment in Korea is one-third of that in USA.

  • 3. Da Vinci Surgery

    The use of this minimally-invasive robotic surgery is flourishing in Korea. Consequently,
    Korea has earned a reputation as the "Mecca" of robotic surgery in the world. Furthermore, Korean
    hospitals run robotic surgery training centers where a large number of doctors across the world visit
    annually to observe technological advancements.

    Da Vinci Surgery


Korean Cancer Centers lead the world in terms of their top tier infrastructure for patient care in designing individually tailored cancer treatments,
building optimal cancer care delivery systems, driving international cooperation and sharing advanced medical technologies via training programs.

  • 1. Cancer Center

    We reorganized our cancer care system to be more disease-centered by establishing cancer centers so
    that all relevant faculties of departments are involved in making treatment decisions more promptly.
    The center provides one-stop system of full support for prevention, examination, treatment,
    rehabilitation and aftercare. In Korea, most university hospitals and high-level general hospitals
    including government-designated 12 local cancer centers provide the world's top cancer treatments.

    Cancer Center
  • 2. Multidisciplinary Approach

    Our world-renowned multidisciplinary care teams of medical oncologists, radiation therapists and other
    cancer specialists work closely together under one roof to provide truly dedicated cancer treatments.

  • 3. Fast Track System

    When a patient is diagnosed with cancer or is referred from cooperating community hospitals, a multidisciplinary team from the cancer center confirms
    the examination results, verifies the patient's status, plans the treatment, arranges for additional examinations if needed. The team admits to initiate the
    treatment within 1 to 2 weeks depending on the status of the patient and the waiting time is considerably reduced this way.


Korea has become one of the best in the world with regards to treating cancer, striving not only to conquer cancer but also to prevent it through
government-initiated clinical research and development through combining efforts of industry and academy

1. 10-year Plan for Conquering Cancer

The average annual growth rate for cancer-related patents is rapidly increasing and stands at 17.69% as opposed to 10.53% in the USA owing to steady
investment in research and development. Although USA is still leading the world in cancer-related patents, Korea is now ranked the 6th in the world.

The Status of Annual Government Investment in Cancer Research and Development

* The Ministry of Health and Welfare, 2013

2. Cancer-related Patents

Amounting to more than 200 billion Korean Wons in investment per year since 2009, Korean government has been actively supporting to build the
infrastructure, and research and development to eradicate cancer.

Cancer-related patents of USA and Korea

* The Ministry of Health and Welfare, 2013

3. Results of Cancer Research

Throughout the world, negative growth rate has been recorded in research output. However, Korea has stood out from the rest with positive growth
at a yearly average of 15.37%.

Annual Status of Cancer Paper Published in the Journal with Impact Factor(IF) 7 or more

* The Ministry of Health and Welfare, 2013

4. Hub country in clinical trials for anti-cancer drugs in Asia

In the field of anti-cancer drugs, Seoul, the capital of Korea stands at the top of the world with regards to the number of clinical trials carried out and
the outcomes of these trials have been recognized to have the highest quality.

The Total Number of Clinical Trials for Anti-Cancer Drugs in Korea During 2008-2012

* The Ministry of Health and Welfare, 2013